RFC Renovations, LLC is a small company, currently with 1 employee who is also the owner. Up until now, I have only gained business through word of mouth. My job is to do it right! From our initial meeting, to cleaning up at the end of every day, to making sure the job is finished to the specifications agreed upon. I do include a contingency number in each bid that I provide in order to cover potential problems that might be hidden from plain view. I go over each budget with the respective client and make sure that they are comfortable with the process and the budget. Should any problems come up during the repair or remodel that exceeds the contingency, I will make sure to inform the client before proceeding any farther. I will go over costs, time, and the new process or, if need be, the new design. My goal is to take the client through the job from estimate to completion in as little of a stressful environment as possible.


Mission Statement

My first priority is to make sure that your house will be safe for years to come. I promise not to cover up potential hazards, but to inform the client of what the problems are, the cost involved, and the plan of how to fix it. I will maintain a clean work environment to create as little disturbance to your home life as possible. I want to make sure the client gets the experience and result they envisioned before the job began.